Wells Fargo National Rebuilding Day

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The first Saturday in May is our Annual Wells Fargo National Rebuilding Day.

Rebuilding Together, a team of Wells Fargo volunteers and volunteers from other organizations will participate in the seventh-annual Wells Fargo National National Rebuilding Day. The volunteers will complete critical home repairs to help more than 30 low-income families throughout Greater Des Moines.

We utilize over 700 volunteers for this project and repair over 30 homes in one day. Mark your calendar for May 2018 as we join together to revitalize our city and help low-income homeowners stay safe, healthy and dry.

Volunteers of all skill levels help repair and improve our project homes. Each home has a House Captain, who organizes and manages a project, and a Crew Coordinator who works directly with the homeowner and guides them through the process.

To volunteer with Rebuilding Together, please contact us at 284-7403.

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