Birdies for Charity

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Birdies For Charity gives back to Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines 100% of every donation they collect, plus a 10% match on every donation.

Donation Choices

Per Birdie Pledge
This is the amount you will contribute for each birdie made during the event. For example, If 700 birdies are made and you pledged $.05 per birdie, your total pledge will be $35.00. 

For example, a pledge of $.05 per birdie: $.05 x 894 birdies = $44.70

The number of birdies can fluctuate due to unforeseeable conditions.

Flat Donation
This is the flat amount that you will donate to Rebuilding Together.

Guess the Birdies
Every donor has the opportunity to guess the exact number of birdies to be made during the 2020 tournament. The Grand Prize will be determined by a random drawing among all participants who correctly guessed the total number of birdies made

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