Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

  • Angela Connolly, President – Polk County Board of Supervisors
  • Jill Waage, Vice President -Meredith Corporation
  • Al Petersen, Treasurer – West Bank
  • Doug Grunst, Secretary- Wells Fargo

At Large Members:

  • Cindy Boyle Lande – Brown Winick Law Firm
  • Dustyn Curran – Ryan Companies, USA
  • Tim Hielkema – City of Des Moines Urban Design Review Board
  • John Irving – Baker Electric
  • Kelly Kennedy – City of Des Moines Neighborhood Revitalization Board
  • Rick Kozin – Polk County Public Health Department
  • Karla Rendall – First American Bank
  • Rachel Wegmann – Lincoln Savings Bank
  • Linda Westergaard – First Realty & City of Des Moines City Council

Ex-Officio Members: 

  • Matt Van Loon – Immediate Past Board President – Ryan Companies, USA
  • Paul Waltz – Past Board President – Shazam
  • Peter Diliberti – Past Board President – Wells Fargo
  • Chris Hensley – Past Board President – City of Des Moines City Council

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