Wells Fargo Volunteers Spend the Day Helping a Des Moines Resident in Need



Wells Fargo Volunteers Spent the Day Helping a Des Moines Resident in Need

On September 29, Wells Fargo volunteers went out to Connie Scott’s home at NE 48th Place in Des Moines to help with repairs to an existing wheelchair ramp, do some light yard work, and plant new shrubbery around the home where weeds used to grow. The work done was needed to help maintain the property for years to come.

Connie Scott has lived in her home at NE 48th Place for nearly 46 years. She graduated high school from Newton and moved to Des Moines where she lived in the Drake neighborhood and had her 1st son. She later remarried and moved to her current home. In 2002, a Des Moines resident lost her husband of 32 years to cancer.

Connie has a long history of health complications. At 16 years old, Connie had a ruptured intracranial aneurysm which paralyzed the left side of her body. After seeing a physical therapist for years, Connie was able to regain her ability to walk but never regained complete feeling back in her left arm. Around 12 years ago she was hospitalized with pneumonia and developed osteoarthritis making her completely wheelchair bound. Connie was recently in a serious car accident on her way to her routine thyroid exam at Unity Point. She was thrown down to the ground in the collision causing a head injury, broken hip, abrasions, and twisted ankle. The accident put Connie in the hospital for nearly a month. She has since recovered but now requires rehab regularly.

Connie doesn’t get to see her two sons often because they live out of town, but she gets help from her neighbors, who mow her lawn and assist with her medications. Her days are mainly consumed with television programming including her favorites: The Price is Right, The Virginian, Blue Bloods, and McGyver. She also likes to bake, but she doesn’t have the strength to mix by hand anymore and she is unable to reach electrical outlets to use an electric mixer.

In addition to our Corporate partnerships with organizations like Wells Fargo, Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines now has a new working relationship with Drake’s Occupational Therapists students and interns. As part of the program, Drake will send a student Occupational Therapist to meet with Connie to identify any additional needs that would help them be more independent.

If you’re interested in learning more about Corporate Sponsorships or becoming a volunteer with Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines, contact us.