Theodore Roosevelt High School Students Give Back

Theodore Roosevelt High School Helps Restore Des Moines Resident’s Homeowner Insurance Policy

Volunteers from Roosevelt High School in Des Moines came out on July 17th to help maintain a Des Moines resident’s insurance policy through a home repair project.

Edith Freeman who has owned her home in the King Irving neighborhood since 1988 reached out to Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines when her insurance company informed her that they were going to cancel her policy because the garage on her property was a hazard.

Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines sent out their team to the property to inspect the garage and assess the work that needed to be done. The team could clearly see the garage was falling apart and needed to be torn down right away.

Since this was a time sensitive project, Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines went to work getting a team of volunteers together to help with the demo and clean up. It wasn’t long after we secured a team of student volunteers from Roosevelt High School.

The Roosevelt students came out to Edith’s house prepared to go to work. They brought positive attitudes and lots of energy to help with the garage demo and removal. Once the remains of the garage had been removed, the students helped repair fencing where the garage had stood.

Edith’s homeowner insurance policy has is now secure thanks to the community service provided by Roosevelt students and Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines.

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