Homeowner Stories

Shazam Network and Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines Team Up to Repair the Homes of Two Des Moines Residents 

Shazam Network, a long standing Corporate partner of Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines teams up for another annual work day making critical home repairs possible for two homeowners.

Nearly thirty-five volunteers from Shazam Network including their CEO Paul Walz joined Rebuilding Together on July 13 and 14 to make major repairs to the home of two Des Moines Residents.

“We have a committee at Shazam that organizes different activities for our employees outside of the office. One of the activities our employees look forward to each year is our work day with Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines. The employees enjoy getting involved in the community together while making a positive impact on those in need.” says Jay Lohman, House Captain.

Ida Rush has lived in her 100-year-old home on Onawa St. for 50 years. The home was in need of several critical repairs to allow Ida to be more mobile in her wheelchair. Ida is a loyal patron of the local meal site she visits every day. Despite being in a wheelchair, Ida enjoys playing basketball at the meal site with her friends. “I wouldn’t miss a day going to the meal site. I enjoy the people and am getting really good at playing basketball,” said Ida, who recently turned 95 years old. Every day at around 9:30 am the DART Bus comes to pick Ida up. The bus driver lowers the ramp to wheel Ida into the bus that takes her to and from the meal site each day. “It’s been very difficult getting to and from the bus. My son-in law and daughter who live just 2 houses down come up to help me get in and out every day. By having the work done, I will be much safer and feel like I can do it on my own.” Ida said.

Ida’s new sidewalk expands from her front door out to the curb for a smooth exit and entrance on to the bus. Ida will no longer have to be wheeled over gravel rock and/or the grass in her front lawn to get to the bus. In addition to the expanded patio and sidewalk, the team of volunteers from Shazam did several other repairs to the home including replacing the front and storm door, gutters, fascia, trim, paint, and new gravel for the driveway.

Just a few miles away from Ida’s home another group of Shazam volunteers worked on Jane Young’s home on E. Tiffin Ave. Jane Young, who just celebrated her 85th birthday in June has lived in her home for 58 years. Having raised both her children in her home, she reflects on the many memories of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren in the home. “Every holiday the entire family gathers at my home, so it is important to make it a safe place they can come to visit.”

Jane reached out to Rebuilding Together when she could no longer do the work herself. “After overcoming Cancer and a fatal heart attack nearly 25 years ago, I knew I needed to do something about my health so I started exercising every day and eating right,” Jane said. “It saddens me that I can’t do as much because of my back pain.” To stay active Jane volunteers her time with Staevas United Methodist church making regular home visits to the members and shut ins of our church. “I have been blessed in abundance,” says Jane. “It makes me happy to be able to bring joy to others in return.” Jane received a new storm door on the front of the home, new gutters, fascia, siding and paint on the garage, and landscaping.

People like Ida and Jane are the types of homeowners Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines tries to help. With the support from Corporate partnerships, like Shazam Network, Rebuilding Together Greater Des Moines can help more homeowners in similar situations get the repairs needed to improve the health and safety of their homes. If you’re interested in learning how your corporation can get involved, contact us today.