Rebuilding Days

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Rebuilding Together volunteers will participate our annual 2023 Rebuilding Days. Volunteers will complete critical home repairs to help more than 100+ low-income families throughout Greater Des Moines.

We utilize over 700 volunteers for these projects. We join together to revitalize our city and help our neighbors stay safe, healthy and dry.

Examples of home repairs that may be provided: repairing or replacing flooring, windows, steps, wheelchair ramps, stabilizing a shower, kitchen cabinet installs, removal and install of back steps, landscaping, and repainting of exterior and many more. These improvements will enable the families to live in a safe and healthy home.

> Applications are currently being accepted for 2023<

Application Guidelines:

  • The home must be owned by the applicant and cannot be valued over $200,000 and no liens against the property.
  • The home cannot be a rental or contractual purchase home
  • The home must be current on property taxes or have a property payment plan
  • Total family income must be within the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines.
Applications must be filled out and signed by the applicant and submitted with proof of income verification.

Rebuilding Together can help at no cost to you.

Rebuilding Together is a nonprofit organization supported entirely by contributions of time, labor, material and money. We are dedicated to repairing homes of families having a financial hardship, are an older adult or is a person with a disability.

Skilled and unskilled volunteers along with able-bodied members of the recipient’s family and friends complete the repairs at no cost to the family. All able-bodied family members and friends are expected to work along with our volunteers at the home as a condition of acceptance into our program.

Do You Qualify?
To be eligible for consideration in the program your income must be no more than:

  • One Person – $41,370
  • Two Persons – $47,280
  • Three Persons – $53,190
  • Four Persons – $59,100
  • Five Persons – $63,828
  • Six Persons – $68,556
  • Seven Persons – $73,284
  • Eight Persons – $78,012

(Maximum household annual income guidelines based on HUD median income.)

  1. Applicants must own and live in their own home and have neither the resources nor the ability to do the work themselves.
  2. Applicants must meet income eligibility guidelines and provide documentation of total household income (all persons living in the home).

Home safety is the first priority of Rebuilding Together. Volunteers provide improvements that enhance the safety and comfort of your home. Because it is primarily a short-term project (one day), major structural repairs are not possible. Also, we need you to understand that time may prevent us from accomplishing everything you would like to have done in your home.

Required Documents

Eligibility is established through these documents, of which we require copies to be sent with your application: a copy of the last two months bank statements and a copy of your most recent Income Tax Return.

Or, if you are not employed and not required to file an income tax return, you may provide: a copy of your Award Letter or Benefit Statements if you receive SSI, Social Security, Pensions (s), Retirement, VA benefits, Welfare or other fixed income.

How to Apply: 

Contact us at 284-7403 or to learn more about the application process.

Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteers of all skill levels help repair and improve our project homes. Each home has a House Captain, who organizes and manages a project, and a Crew Coordinator who works directly with the family and guides them through the process.

To volunteer with Rebuilding Together, please contact us at 284-7403.